July 18-22 | Ages 5-12
“Best Of”: Superheroes, Fairies & Forts | Greatest Activities from 7 years of Camp
Facilitated by Carol Goodman & Emily Rose Michaud

Back by popular demand! After seven exciting years of art/nature programming at 100 Mile Farm, we are thrilled to offer a week featuring the campers’ favourite activities. This week features: fort-making; the wonderful world of superheroes, animals and fairies; catching frogs and playing outdoors. Unleash your creative imagination to make unique and colourful characters that can be taken home and enjoyed for years to come! Design, create and paint costumes, capes, masks and wings. Explore colour mixing, watercolour and drawing techniques (wet on wet, eraser drawings, oil pastels). Study patterns of leaves, branches, feathers and flowers on our daily walks. This week instills do-it-yourself resourcefulness, as campers plan and assemble their own forts while learning to use natural materials available around the farm and forest. Alongside construction, we will create personalized flags, maps, and play capture the flag. At the end of the week, parents and friends will be invited to a vernissage where the week’s works will be displayed for all to enjoy.


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